Quilt Block Locations:

  • 2:  112 W. Douglass St., Houghton, MI
  • 3:  Finlandia University's Jutila Center, Michigan St., Hancock, MI
  • 4:  Sunshine Road, Hancock, MI 
  • 5:  25548 Millionaire St., Calumet, MI
  • 6:  27173 Red Rock Road, Lake Linden, MI  (Jacobsville)
  • 7:  4-H Barn, Houghton County Fairgrounds, Hancock, MI
  • 8:  Beaudoin Alpaca & Sheep Farm, 52704 Dover Road, Calumet, MI
  • 9:  32428 Cabbage Road, Pelkie, MI 49958
  • 10: 52278 Duncan Avenue, Hubbell, MI 
  • 11:  21440 Broemer Rd., Chassell
  • 12:  Calumet Art Center, 57055 Fifth St., Calumet
  • 13:  26031 School St., Calumet, MI
  • 14:  25673 Agent St., Calumet, MI
  • 15:  46509 US 41, Houghton, MI

The idea for a barn quilt at the Gale residence stemmed from the quilting that Stephanie has been doing over the years. In their travels to Iowa, Kentucky & Wisconsin, Jim noticed painted barn quilts in the countryside and decided to make and create a barn quilt for their barn. He used an 8-point star design. Stars are probably some of the oldest quilt patterns found. Some date back to the 1700ʼs and have always been a favorite pattern in America. Jim selected colors to match those for Iowa State and the University of Iowa - his alma mater.


MapQuest Map Link: 21941 Denton Road, Chassell, MI

Natives of Iowa where there are many barn quilts, Tommy and Mike Gilpin thought it would be fun to have a barn quilt on their garage in town. The pattern "Classic Country 8 Point" is done in 3 colors which contrast with the garage & housecolor. The barn quilt is 4' x 4'. It was constructed & installed by Industrial Graphics, Inc. of Houghton.

MapQuest Map Link: 112 W. Douglass St., Houghton, MI

This blue and white quilt block entitled “Storm At Sea” was completed and installed just in time for FinnFest 2013. The design was chosen to commemorate the many Finnish immigrants who crossed the Atlantic to pursue work in Michiganʼs Copper Country. Finlandia University is the only private Lutheran University in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and was founded by Finnish Immigrants in 1896. The Jutila Center for Global Design & Business is an integral component of Finlandia University, hosting over 30 incubator companies, assisting faculty who teach entrepreneurship, and providing a supportive, creative environment for developing business start-ups.

MapQuest Map Link: 200 Michigan Street, Hancock, MI

Steve and Jean Kampe chose a traditional "sunburst" quilt pattern in Hancock Bulldog colors of cardinal and gold to mark the entrance to Sunshine Farm near the curve to Paavola.  The farmhouse was built circa 1910 on cleared lands acquired from the Arcadian Mining operations and since that time has served as a neighborhood bakery, butcher shop and gentleman's farm.  The quilt block was prepared by Barn Art of Floyd County, Virginia.


MapQuest Map Link: Sunshine Road, Hancock, MI 

Ed Gray’s quilt square on the side of his garage on Millionaire Street, is in honor of his grandmother who was born in Calumet. She referred to the design as a “snowball”.  The Bear image in the center was put there by Ed to honor their clan.


MapQuest Map Link: 25548 Millionaire St., Calumet, MI

About twenty years ago a black bear went through Elsa and Keith Mugford's wood garage doors on two separate occasions. This beautiful, powerful bear eluded a Conservation "stake out" and a bear trap. The Bear Paw quilt block commemorates this incident. Elsa has been an avid quilter for years and is a founding member of a local quilt guild “Sandstone Piecemakers”.

MapQuest Map Link: 27173 Red Rock Road, Lake Linden, MI

A county fair is such an American tradition that the Americana Block was chosen to represent the Houghton County Fairgrounds. Billie Bloomfield said the Fair Board wanted to acknowledge all the veterans that attend the fair and this is a great way to honor them and let them know we will always remember their service to our country. The young people who go to the fair or play hockey on the fairgrounds also have a connection to the block with the colors chosen, red and gold. These are the Hancock School colors. Billie is hoping that some part of the Americana Quilt block will remind and reinforce that our country is based on traditions, service and the positive outlook of youth and we need all of them.

MapQuest Map Link: 4-H Barn, Houghton County Fairgrounds, Hancock, MI


My two daughters, 8 and 10 years old, heard about barn quilts and wanted to make one. Our farm has sheep and alpacas, and I spin the fiber into yarn for different projects. So the girls wanted to make one that had sheep and alpacas on it. Although I put the design on the board, they did the painting. Since girls are members of the Traprock 4-H Club, my older daughter made instructions for the process which were entered in the Houghton County Fair as a Community Service Project.

Directions to 52704 Dover Road:  From Lake Linden, take M26 south. Turn Right on Tamarack Hill or 1st Street at the south end of Tamarack City. Go up the hill, left on Amygaloid, then right on Oneco. Stay on Oneco until Dover Rd. Turn Right on Dover Road. Our house is about 0.7 miles from the corner. It is a tan ranch with a tan pole barn. The pole barn has the barn quilt on the front.


 MapQuest Map Link:  52704 Dover Road, Calumet, MI

Marj and Ray Krumm put this bright block up in memory of their son. Ray designed and constructed the block himself. The Krumm's said this original sun quilt pattern was designed to brighten long, gray winters and in memory of Oren Krumm; 1980-1998. Oren had a bright, warm and radiant spirit and composed a song titled, "The Sun", "...We'll have some fun, at the sun..."

 MapQuest Map Link: 32428 Cabbage Road, Pelkie, MI 49958

Candy Schmitt wanted a quilt block on her restaurant, "Candies", on the main street in Hubbell, because she thought it would bring a "lift" to the community.  Remembering her grandmothers quilts, Candy knew that a star pattern on a quilt really pops.  The 4' x 4' block she chose does just that and adds color and interest to her town.

Map Quest Link: 52278 Duncan Avenue, Hubbell, MI

This barn quilt represents a stained glass fabric quilt made for me by mom. It is a dream come true to have this tribute to her for all to see for a long time to come.

Ed Gray’s family farm in Old Mission Peninsula was a part of the Traverse City
Quilt Block group and through this partnership the idea of doing quilt blocks for
the Calumet Art Center was formed.
As the old boards covering the windows of the Calumet Art Center at street level
needed new life, Ed and local artists Elsa Mugford, Graydon Dagen, Barbara
Flanagan and Betsi Arend put together a theme depicting our local history from the
first miners of the Keweenaw, the Ojibwe, following with the Osceola #13 mine,
an engine bringing an ore cart up, ravens, native blueberries and thimbleberries as
well as cranberries and the great blue heron. The art in these beautiful quilt squares
is indeed a sight to be seen, stop on by!


Since we are a military family, with two sons and a daughter-in-law serving our country at the time this quilt block was made, the patriotic LeMoyne Star quilt design was chosen. Proudly displayed to honor all who serve in our Armed Forces.

The Mariners Compass - I chose this block because of my husband and his military career. My Husband was A Navigator/Weapons Systems Operator (WSO in fighter Aircraft) for the US Air Force for over 31 years. When he was going through training her had to learn to Navigate by the stars, using tools probably no longer used now in the age of the computer.

The Portage Quilt House was opened in 2002 featuring all things needed for constructing a quilt. Located on U.S. 41 two miles south of the MTU campus, the block represents only one of the many needed to make a quilt.